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Why I am a Champion for this Cause

White Hawk Ecovillage is the first home I have had the pride and joy to accept and commit to in my life. A self-professed nomad, I have lived in many places. I never felt I could truly relax or take part in other circumstances in which I have taken shelter. This is not only a location, not only a house. This is an experience and a place of growth. Here, we are individuals from all walks of life working together. Whether we are gathered around a campfire roasting marshmallows or working together on building our neighbors’ houses or digging in our own backyards, we feel the interconnectedness of not only everyone living here but also of the land we tend. We work with it instead of against it and in turn, it provides for us and nurtures us.

It is also a wonderful place to raise children – free from traffic and suburban expectations. Our playstations consist of a huge grove of trees, a pond full of fish, a field of wildflowers, a playground, and other playmates just a few steps away. We know that we have friends and neighbors we can rely on in times of need.

White Hawk would never have been possible for us to join without the generosity of friends around us that also wanted to make this dream a reality. It is my dream to provide such a wonderful place to live for other lower income families that might not otherwise have the chance. No matter the price, everyone should have a chance at happiness and peace. In a world where many people are only focused on caring for themselves, this community is a shining example of people working together and cooperating for a greater good. I am so proud to call White Hawk my home. I hope others will see it for the beautiful place it is and support this dream.

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